History of BrainTech & Neurospec 

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History of Korea Team  

1990 - Develop Neurofeedback and the applications software.

1999 - Launched Q-Jump, displayed at the Hall of Invention, Patent Bureau of Korea 2000

          - Best Learning System Award by Korean Efficiency Society 2001

          - Launched Neuroharmony, the world's first portable neurofeedback system

          - Established Technical cooperation with Korea Electronic Communications Research Institute

2000 - No.1 at Korea Efficiency Assosiation, Thesis Presentation, Korea Management Association

          - No.1 at World of Sport Psychology, American Psychological Association Neuro Harmony

            exhibition and presentation of papers

2002 - Training courses for brain professionals

          - Neurofeedback training courses at various colleges and institutions across the nation

          - Established curriculum for master’s degree in the Science of Brain at the Graduate School of 

            Seoul Information & Communication College

2005 - Release World's First Brain Function Analysis Program, BQ Test

          - First group of brain therapists from Japan trained 

2006 - Launched Brain Function Analysis Program (BQ Tests) 

2007 - Launched World's first Brain Wave Game Mobile Service 

          - Neuro harmony version 2.2 released

          - Obtained Innobiz Certificate

2008 - Professional program for control brain wave of EEG Neuro Specs released

2010 - Release NeuroSPEC for Professionals

2011 - Neuro Harmony version 3.0 release

          - Joint Work with Hospital with approval from Ministry of Health & Welfare