Customization of music 

    Price: Free mp3 with package signed

    • Customisation of music/ rhythms based on BQT report to stimulating the brain thereby improving mental processes


    BQ Test & Brain Wave Training Package Information

    Brain Quotient Test

    Price: $130

    • Brain assessment to examine and analyse individual's current brain wave


    • 1 Free trial of one brain wave training session based on the report
    • Data collected will be analysed by Korea Team & BQ Report will be generated
    • Report review and training program plan recommendation by center consultant                

    Our Services

    Brain Wave Training

    Price: $840 for 12 sessions ($70 per session) 

    • Using state of the art technology to stimulate and activate the neuronal growth and development of the neural network of the brain.
    • 45-60 mins customised training sessions through interactive games.
    • Supported with brain entrainment music and Neurodynamic Activator.  
    • Progress is closely monitored and adjustments on training activities may be made according to individual's progress.              

      Brain Wave Training Package Information

    Call Us:  94655357

    Leasing of device

    Price: $900 a month (usage: 20-28 days)

    • Ability and ease of carrying out home-based brain wave training sessions everyday
    • Cost effect for more than one user within the same household
    • Technical Support provided
    • Inclusive of free bi-weekly consultations at the centre to ensure that home-based training is carried out properly.