Effectiveness of our brainwave training on different age groups

To summarise, our brainwave training helps to reshape the brain for an optimal performance. It is a self regulatory treatment program to normalise and maximise ones brain potential. It also allows the brain to learn how to adjust and produce the desired brainwave patterns when a particular activity the person is undergoing. Regular brainwave training will improve the ability of the brain to reorganise itself by forming stronger neural network connections.

Families already involved in other therapies should consider adding brainwave training in early as a high priority, as it provides foundational support for the success of those other therapies.


Age 5-7                           Brain development-synaptogenesis (Increasing of brain capacity)

Age 8-15                         Enhance concentration, brain functions, learning ability

Age 16-20                       Enhance conscious level, balance, asymmetry, brain integration

Age 21-60                       Health, conscious level, meditation, performance, anti-aging

Age 60 & above             Onward training to prevent dementia, losing of memory, anti-aging and better health


* Synaptogenesis is the formation of neural network (synapses) between brain cells (Neurons) in the brain. Although it occurs throughout a healthy person's lifespan, an explosion of neural network (synapse) formation occurs during early brain development.  

Brainwave training can help you improve in the following areas:

  • Attention span
  • Concentration
  • Learning/ Study ability
  • Memory
  • Communication/ Social skills
  • IQ
  • Bad temper
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Dyslexia
  • Hyperactivity- ADD/ADHD
  • Autism
  • Sleep disorder

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Brainwave Training

Brainwave training is a self regulatory treatment that helps to normalise and optimise brain functioning. It provides client with direct feedback of the state of particular brain wave state. It is a technology that can develop the neural network by adjusting the brainwaves for the development of the brain.


Why does our brain needs training?

Body: Comprises of muscles = Muscle exercise

Brain: Comprises neurons = Neuron exercise

Brainwave training = Neuron exercise


Our brainwave training program uses cutting edge brain training technology that can measure ever changing brainwaves. It lets the individual observe the brain’s activity in real time, making it possible to adjust brainwaves in order to optimize performance and development. This technology is the most efficient method to recognize/reorient the networks and neural systems and to ultimately reshape the brain networks for optimal performance. This non-invasive method will allow everyone to bring the 21th century methods of evidence-based objective brain training into his or her home. It can let individuals optimize their brains through their own efforts without the common side-effects associated with medications. Based on the current data from clinical trials and case reports in recent years, this approach is highlighted as one of the best breakthroughs with the potential to change the way we think, solve problems, relate to one another and live.


Our brainwave training program is developed, tested and used in Korea since 2001. It is also certified by the Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science. It is 100% safe and does not come with any side-effects. This technology has been used in many different fields, especially in medicine for treatment and preventive measure.


It has been used in:

·         Reinforcement of mental strength for artists and CEOs

·         Improvement of sport performance

·         Enhancement of IQ, Academic ability and learning ability


Effects of this technology have been clinically proven by many scientists including Dr. Sterman of UCLA. Our brainwave training is a very powerful technology to induce optimal state of the brain without any side effect and best of all it is done without any help from medication. Most importantly, it can help to develop the neural networks in our brain on a real time basis.